An announcement

I hate to do this, but The Heroine’s Journey will be going biweekly for the remainder of August, possibly even into September.

Grief is a funny and terrible thing. Some days you throw yourself into whatever project you can find. Other days you can barely find the motivation to brush your teeth. You can’t really predict how it will touch you day to day. But you can plan for it, at least.

I love The Heroine’s Journey, but putting together the podcast on a weekly basis is just too much work to expect myself to accomplish right now.  So I’m dropping the whole “weekly basis” thing.

It was either this or go on hiatus, and I enjoy doing the podcast too much to just stop. Plus, I don’t want to let all you wonderful listeners down. So don’t worry. The podcast will still be updated — just once every two weeks instead. And as soon as I’m back on my feet, I’ll raise the frequency back up again.

Thanks for understanding, and, as always, thanks for listening.

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