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  1. Tom says:

    Hi, my names Tom (or as you might Know me the guy who got you a call to Ty Olsen in the middle of the night a few years ago from a con. 😉 Also the one you threw into the emotional abyss that is the Dragon Age series! I still dont know If I should thank you or curse you for that one.

    Anyways I have been Catching up the last several weeks on your Podcast (it comes out on the PERFECT Day for me as I can listen to it to and back on the ride to Uni.

    And I have to tell you: Your quality is amazing. And not all Podcasts have this quality of sound and of you as a host and your interactions with your guests. (which is delightful. I still remember the time were I laughed way too loud on my bike startling passengers when I heard you say: “Her EPIC level thirst…” (the Secrets of Nimh episode) Just, you got an amazing voice for podcasts and its a joy to listen to it.
    Also your choice of Topics is amazing. (But you need to do a dragon age Special one day! So here for that!) I have discovered so many good things from your recommendations.

    I would love if you could Cover Netflix show Sense8, as it has an awesome diverse story with great Lady characters who you see unravel over the course of the first season and becoming full characters. (plus there is a scene were one guy experiences a period for the first time, and I think the humor of that scene(s) will be right up your alley. )

    Lastly I highly recommend Pixars new Inside Out. (even just as a note for when your kid is older) its an amazing done story told out of the view from the emotions of an 11 year old girl.

    Keep up the good work I look forward every week to your show.

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