Episode #20: Jurassic Park

In honor of our 20th episode, LC welcomes our first guest, Jay, back to the show to talk about Jurassic Park films, including:

  • Ellie Satler: Fending off velociraptors and gross male academics since 1993
  • How Lex Murphy got a generation of girls interested in STEM
  • Our lasting impressions of The Lost World: Crushes, gymnastics and LC’s embarrassing childhood confession
  • Jay reviews Jurassic World, and gives LC a heart attack about Chris Pratt

Plus: Jenn Bennett’s Grave Phantoms; Bitten; Friends; a shocking Dragon Age AU; Portal redux; Star Wars; Knights of the Old Republic; and your emails!

Main topic starts at: 16:07
Emails start at: 46:11

Intro and Outro music: “Snow World Under the White Moon“, EeL

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