Episode #22: The Terminator Films

This week, LC geeks out with Sylvia Monreal, creator of @comosedicenerd, over The Terminator films. It’s an extra-huge episode to contain our extra-huge feels, including:

  • The Terminator as humanity’s case for existence
  • The man in the machine, the machine in the man: Where does Kyle Reese – or Sarah Connor – end and the Terminator begin?
  • Dissecting the hell out of that love scene
  • Why The Terminator and T2 have to be watched together
  • Why the rest of the franchise never quite achieves what the first two movies did (SPOILERS for Terminator: Genisys starting at 55:35)

Plus: Daniel Jose Older’s Shadowshaper; whitewashing heroines in YA fiction; Sunset; and Tales of Xillia!

Main topic starts at: 21:56
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Intro and Outro music: “Snow World Under the White Moon“, EeL

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