So here’s the scoop…

Many of you have asked after my health over the past several weeks, for which I can’t begin to express my gratitude. I’ve had a hard few months, and your messages of love and support have really picked me up on some dark days. Which is why I finally feel it’s safe to share with you the reason I’ve been feeling so crummy.

I’m pregnant again.

I had an incredibly difficult first pregnancy, which as you know I’ve talked about on the show here and there. Essentially, I was diagnosed with “hyperemesis gravidarum”, which is basically just fancy Latin for “a pregnant woman who throws up too much”.  The moment I hit six weeks, I threw up pretty much non-stop, as much as 30 times a day, and my midwife put me a cocktail of anti-nauseal meds that caused their own bevy of delightful side effects, including constant gastrointestinal distress and daily panic attacks. I ended up having to take the meds all pregnancy. The nausea never went away completely. Labor (all sixty hours of it) was a relief by comparison.

They say that your second go-around is supposed to be easier than your first.

They lie.

I didn’t think anything could be worse than that last pregnancy, but, ever the opportunist, my body has invented its own fresh hell. I found out I was pregnant the weekend of my best friend’s funeral. Ever since then, I’ve been in and out of the hospital for dehydration and, due to motion sickness, basically unable to get off the couch or even on the computer for the past six weeks or so. Basically all the symptoms I had last time, just ten times more intense. Of course my continuing grief over my friend’s loss hasn’t made dealing with this any easier.

As acute as this hyperemesis has been, however, there is one silver lining: It hasn’t been as long lasting. (Or, at least, so I keep hoping.) Already the nausea has started to ease a little, and I can eat more foods, things with calories and nutrition in them! There was also a great worry about miscarriage for this pregnancy as well (the Reader’s Digest version is that I’m prone to miscarriage, and I only found out that I was pregnant because it looked like I was miscarrying again), but since I’ve passed the 12 week mark with no further issues, I can breathe a little easier about that too.

Still, I’ve missed out on a lot of things in the past several weeks, from dance performances to the wedding of two dear friends to my son’s first steps — and, of course, in doing this podcast. (It’s hard to sit down at a computer when the mere sight of a screen makes you nauseated!) It’s demoralizing and depressing to feel so isolated when you already feel crappy, and that you’re letting everyone down by not being able to participate.

I hate to ask for your continued patience, but things may remain a little dicey for the next few weeks as I ease into the second trimester. But before you or I know it, I’ll be back on my feet — or, at least, propping my feet up so I can complain about the swelling. 🙂

Thanks again, as always, for being such wonderful listeners and for being so understanding. You make this show worth doing, and you’re what keep me coming back. I don’t have the words for how much I appreciate each and every one of you.

New episode delayed a week

Sorry to have to do this again so soon, but this week’s episode will be delayed. On top of my friend’s passing, I’ve been dealing with a very stressful health situation this past week and I just haven’t had any time or mental bandwidth for podcasting. I’ll be back in the saddle next week, one way or the other. Promise.

Thanks for your patience, and as always, thanks for listening.

An announcement

I hate to do this, but The Heroine’s Journey will be going biweekly for the remainder of August, possibly even into September.

Grief is a funny and terrible thing. Some days you throw yourself into whatever project you can find. Other days you can barely find the motivation to brush your teeth. You can’t really predict how it will touch you day to day. But you can plan for it, at least.

I love The Heroine’s Journey, but putting together the podcast on a weekly basis is just too much work to expect myself to accomplish right now.  So I’m dropping the whole “weekly basis” thing.

It was either this or go on hiatus, and I enjoy doing the podcast too much to just stop. Plus, I don’t want to let all you wonderful listeners down. So don’t worry. The podcast will still be updated — just once every two weeks instead. And as soon as I’m back on my feet, I’ll raise the frequency back up again.

Thanks for understanding, and, as always, thanks for listening.

No Heroine’s Journey this week

Due to the death of a close family friend, there will be no Heroine’s Journey this week. Next week we’ll return with an all-new episode about The Terminator series, featuring Sylvia Monreal of @comosedicenerd. Thanks for listening, as always.

No episode this week

Due to technical difficulties, there won’t be any episode of The Heroine’s Journey this week. Personally, I blame the holiday. Yeah. That’s it. It’s all your fault,  Memorial Day. Phhhhbt!

We’ll be back to our regular schedule episodes next Tuesday. Sorry, everybody, and I’ll see you then!

Come join The Heroine’s Journey’s first ever Google Hangout!

Open to all Patrons at the $5 tier and above, tonight’s inaugural monthly Google Hangout starts at 7 PM EST. For an hour I’ll be answering any and all of your questions, or, you know, talking about whatever else comes up. You call the shots. Will we talk about dinosaurs? Karen Page? How to embroider a belly dance costume? WHO KNOWS. Come check out the Hangout tonight and find out!

The link’s available on my Patreon Activity feed. Tonight’s Hangout is open to $5 tier Patrons and above.  Hope to see you there! And always, thank you for supporting the show!

Scheduling update

A few quick podcast updates:

1) Regretfully, I have to put the Friday bonus episodes on hiatus. I’m disappointed that it’s come to this, but I can’t keep up with the schedule. It’s just too much work for me to put out two episodes a week, when I’m the only one recording, editing, etc.

That’s not to say that I won’t revive the idea at a later date, if and when I become less time-constrained. And I know you like the Q&As — I’ll still do them, but they’ll just be absorbed into the regular episodes.

2) Because of this, I’ve adjusted the reward tiers on the Heroine’s Journey Patreon accordingly. The $10 level now gets you the ability to suggest a topic for an upcoming episode (previously the $20 level), and the $20 level now gets you the ability to co-host an episode (previously the $50 level). I’ve done away with a $50 level entirely, though if you want to pledge that much, far be it from me to stop you 🙂 I think this reward structure is a little more reasonable, anyway.

I know at least one of you had signed up for the early episode releases, but in deleting the previous $10 level, I accidentally deleted my record of who it was. Please message me through Patreon or email me at and you can give me your topic suggestions.

As always, thanks for listening and for supporting the show.

Episode #11 Bonus: Breaking Beats with SΔMMUS

LC Brown is once again joined by nerdcore rapper SΔMMUS to talk about math, music and of course video games,  including:

  • How the “Internet-ization” helps female musicians and makes the gatekeepers obsolete
  • Why it’s never been a better time to be a black nerd girl
  • What she’s listening to right now
  • Details of her upcoming project, due out this fall

To learn more about SΔMMUS’s music, check out her SoundCloud or YouTube channel. You can also follow SΔMMUS at her website or her Twitter.

Music at 4:04: “Fly Nerd” by SΔMMUS
Music at 8:29:
Smash Bruhs” by SΔMMUS
Music at 10:25:
Brinstar” by SΔMMUS
Music at 12:32:
A Woman” by SΔMMUS
Music at 16:11:
Rap (Mario Kart)” by SΔMMUS

Music used with permission

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The Heroine’s Journey on Patreon!

The Heroine’s Journey now has a Patreon! You can read more details about the why and how at the link.

So if you like what you hear, please consider donating to show your support and keep the show going. And, as always, thank you to my listeners — you make this journey so worthwhile.

No bonus episode today

Sadly there won’t be any bonus episode today. Just not enough time this week. So it goes.

I’m actually noodling over how best to approach the Friday bonus episodes. It’s quite a bit of work to produce two episodes every week all on my own, and I’m wondering if it wouldn’t make more sense to try something different. Maybe lump them into one big monthly episode, or release them biweekly instead. I’d hate to abandon the idea altogether.

I’ve also thought about starting up a Patreon and making the Friday shows one of the rewards for patrons (or at least early access to them). As much as I love this show, producing it is a lot of work, and it’s taking time away from my freelancing business. A successful Patreon might help bridge the gap.

But I’m open to suggestions. Any thoughts?

Caution: Slight Delays Ahead

Due to a number of extenuating factors (not the least of which being that I’m currently combating some sort of neo-Black Plague), this week’s episode will likely have to go up tomorrow, rather than today. Apologies, but I promise — this one’s well worth the wait!

No episode today :(

No bonus content today, sadly. Life just got in the way this week. Also, I’m getting perilously close to my size quota, so I need to save every byte I can for the actual episodes. Oops.

In the meantime, however, I wanted to thank everyone for checking out the show. Somehow in its first month of life, The Heroine’s Journey has already amassed thousands of listeners, and almost ten thousand downloads. (!!!) I’m overwhelmed and overjoyed. I couldn’t have done it without you.

We’ve got some exciting guest hosts lined up over the next few weeks, as well as some great Q&As. Also, more radio ‘essays’ – your feedback was loud and resoundingly positive, and don’t worry, there are definitely more in the works!

So thank you again, humble listeners, for tuning in and sharing the show with your friends. You’ve made this one journey I’m glad I took. See you back next week!